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编辑:米兔影评时间:2023-05-25 10:04:11

Breathtaking! The tape inherits the pick of BBC documentary. The methods of narrative the movement of the lens and finally even the stereotype of the criticism of environmental ache during industrialisation.

Nevertheless I cannot help watching with tears in my eyes. The landscape is so gorgeous far beyond my imagination. I got to confess that I am thoroughly ignorant in the face of my country.

From Tibet to Harbin from Beijing to Sichuan with the camera I experience a pilgrimage to the Mountain of Himalayas the Tibetan spiritual ceremony Uygurs grape and underground channel scenic Guilin waters and hills and an astonishing rarely shoot of wild Giant Panda intercourse a bestow to the producer and all the audience.

Neither am I going to write down all my judgements nor am I capable of. Yet I"d say compared to the series it is a humiliation for Chinese recorders and me. I have been living in this land more than two decades I have never been privileged to enjoy or taste the beauty and elegancy of the land over 9.6m squarekm.

Probably native producers could not manage to achieve what BBC has done is fundless. Noticeable documentary does not equal money. So the industialisation outpaces the environment protection. For us the first and sole option is getting rich the film series hurts me continually in the way like I am losing sort of irrevocable treasure.

We were told time after time there is no such thing as a free lunch. For instance the modern "magnific" Paris is built at the expense of tens of thousands of demolition in the centuries not so certain they are out of voluntary. "You got to pay for what you acquire" I feel chilly at that sentence.

After all the series are eyecatching and worth a permanent place in yr computer. Catch it unless we loss the picturesque coloured Chinese water-painting.


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